Some of you may have noticed a big black square with a Photobucket logo, where my free backgrounds, blinkies etc, used to be.

I was providing these images for you to use for free - but Photobucket (who was hosting these) has now decided to charge for this service.

I am sorry to say that as a pensioner, I cannot afford US$99.00 per year for Photobucket to continue hosting these image so that you can continue to have free blog backgrounds and all that stuff. The freebies, thanks to Photobucket, are no longer for free.

My best suggestion is that you remove my images.
Go here for my tutorial on my Computery site, showing you how to do this.

Once you have removed any Photobucket pix, you can make the following changes:
  1. To add a new background in Blogger, go to your Dashboard
  2. Go to Theme 
  3. Click the orange Customise button 
  4. Click Background
  5. Click on the little arrow to the right of Background Image
  6. Choose an image and click on it to see how it looks
  7. If you like it, click the orange Apply To Blog button (which will make the change permanent)

You can also adjust the template, colour and size of font etc

DO NOT click the Apply To Blog button unless completely happy. Just exit without saving and no changes will be made.

And DO make sure you have removed any Photobucket-hosted images (especially the blog background and header) before applying any of the above suggestions.

Good luck!


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